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When Should I Drink a Protein Shake?

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Buy protein shakes and start drinking them!! Sorry to say, you should never do this, especially if it’s your first time. Before you take the first sip of your protein shake, you should make a schedule for it. You should find out the right time to drink a protein shake to get the best result out of it. It’s just like a medicine that you take at the prescribed time for better results. If you start consuming protein shakes randomly at any time, you will not have a proper count of them, leading to serious consequences. Without a proper schedule, you might end up drinking more in a day than advised. 

In this post, we will discuss the preferred time to drink protein shakes. Based on your daily routine, you should pick the right time for yourself. When you buy protein shakes, there are recommendations on the packets as well for the right usage. 

Morning vs. Night 

To lose weight with a protein shake, you should drink it in the morning. It’s said that protein is one of the crucial nutrients for fat loss. Drinking a protein shake in the morning will boost your metabolism and keep it raised all day long. Most importantly, protein will reduce your appetite throughout the day, reducing the level of hunger homes and increasing the levels of appetite-inhibiting hormones. 

To build muscle mass and strength with protein shakes, you should consume a bit extra within 2 hours of your workout, meaning drink your protein shake in the morning if you’re working out in the morning and at night if you are working out at night. It’s because the body naturally breaks down during resistance training or weight lifting. To cover up this loss, you should drink during your workout time. 

The last factor that decides if you should drink a protein shake in the morning or at night is age. As you grow older, the muscle tissue changes in many ways. It’s your responsibility to maintain healthy muscles. If you drink a protein shake at night, it will get effectively digested and absorbed to help maintain healthy muscles. Most importantly, drinking protein shakes at night will positively influence your next morning’s resting metabolic rate. 

Pre-workout vs. Post-workout 

As mentioned above, drinking a protein shake within 2 hours of your workout is very effective. If you are following this rule, it doesn’t matter if you’re drinking your shake before or after the workout. There is no such significant difference in muscle strength or size, whether you drink a protein shake before or after training. 

There was a long-standing rumor in the fitness world that the person should drink the protein within 60 minutes after exercising as this is considered the length of a person’s anabolic window. This is the time when the body gets the most out of nutrients like protein. But, things have changed and the time has doubled. 

Taking a protein shake anytime up to two hours after your workout enhances muscle protein synthesis. It’s a process in which protein is produced to repair muscle damage caused by strenuous exercise after your workout. 

If you need a boost before exercising and not just after the workout, you should drink your protein shake before exercising. With this, you will get the most out of your workout from start to finish. 

By now, you might have understood the right time to drink protein shakes. So, drink wisely. 

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